10 countries and 45 municipalities in Latin America are using new technologies and civic applications to promote government transparency and enable greater citizen participation, in order to improve the quality of life for residents.


7.2 million USD has been invested in the application of digital technologies to facilitate citizen participation and engagement beyond the ballot box.

Citizens, social movements, civic hackers, and governments are actively participating in processes of social change in Latin America through the use of civic technology, multi-sector alliances, and open data.

The Technology for Social Change program seeks to support civic technology projects that close the gap between social movements and technology organizations. Likewise, it aims to encourage governments and citizens to work together on open data initiatives, as well as accelerate and scale the processes of social change being promoted by Avina’s other programs.

The program also adds value by reviewing, helping to develop, and disseminating open government practices and open data standards in Latin America; in addition, it is building a knowledge base centered around replicable, scalable, open-source software that uses data to inform public policies.

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