Civic Technology Alliance selects 11 projects to enhance citizen engagement in Latin America



The Latin American Alliance for Civic Technology (ALTEC) has selected the newest cohort of projects it will support from 575 proposals.

SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA, Aug. 24, 2017. The Latin American Alliance for Civic Technology (ALTEC) – a partnership between Omidyar Network, Fundación Avina and Avina Américas – has announced it will fund an initial selection of 11 civic technology projects. ALTEC will invest $3.5 million dollars to support the development of civic technology platforms created to increase government transparency, fight corruption, and improve the delivery of public services in Latin America.

The 11 civic tech projects that will be funded by ALTEC are:

A qué precio (Argentina) – a platform by Chequeado, La Nación and ACIJ that seeks to achieve greater transparency of public procurement processes and detect possible conflicts of interest between government and contractors.

Blockchain, transparencia y servicios públicos (Argentina) – a project by Mismática and Prince Consulting that will seek to improve municipal processes and provide active and real-time transparency on the delivery of subsidies.

Caminos de la Villa (Argentina) – a digital platform by Wingu and ACIJ to monitor urbanization processes of four slums in Buenos Aires.

DemocracyOS (Argentina) – a project to improve citizen participation in 3 Argentine municipalities.

Experimentos tecnológicos locales (Mexico) – a program by SocialTIC that will support the implementation of 10 sub-national civic technology pilots, engaging local groups of journalists and civil society representatives.

La Caza Legislativa (El Salvador) – a digital tool by El Faro for systematically monitoring and publishing information and policy decisions of those seeking office in 2018.

SmartUno (Mexico) – a digital platform by OneSmartCity seeking to improve interactions between citizens and local governments.

¡Paz en Construcción! (Colombia) – a project by Mi Sangre and Movilizatoria to strengthen the leadership and advocacy capabilities of Colombian youth in the context of monitoring and supporting the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Plataforma Educación (Uruguay) – a collaborative platform by DATA that seeks to provide information and increase citizen engagement with the objective of improving the Uruguayan educational system.

Río Abierto (Uruguay) – a project by La Diaria aimed at leveraging data and digital engagement tools to monitor the impact of human activity on the water cycle.

Toolkit Electoral (Brazil) – a project by Projeto Update seeking to create a suite of digital resources to improve political participation in Brazil and Mexico.

This new cohort of civic technology projects builds upon the success of ALTEC, which has supported over 26 civic tech projects across 9 Latin American countries since its creation in 2012.

The selected projects were chosen because of their ability to innovatively address key Latin American issues, including attacks on Human Rights, absence of government transparency, increased mistrust between citizens and governments, and low levels of citizen participation. Selected projects will receive technical assistance, consulting support, and financing.

Fundación Avina’s Technology for Social Change Regional Program Manager, Lucía Abelenda:  “We knew that we should select innovative projects that would allow us to take technology to the day-to-day of citizens and thus improve and strengthen the exercise of citizenship”

“Civic technology has the potential to have a positive impact in the everyday lives of Latin American citizens”, stated Felipe Estefan, Investment Principal at Omidyar Network. “We are proud to support projects that will leverage data and technology to ensure that citizens are empowered with the information and the tools necessary to participate in the decisions that will determine their future and the future of their communities”.

The 11 selected projects will meet this month to officially begin implementing their civic technology solutions. The next cohort of selected ALTEC projects will be announced at the beginning of 2018.

For more information about ALTEC please visit its website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

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Fundación Avina is a Latin American organization with the mission to have significant impact in Latin America’s sustainable development while creating favorable conditions for diverse stakeholders involved. To carry out its mission, Fundación Avina identifies opportunities for action that lead to systemic change in sustainable development, bringing together and strengthening people and institutions under shared agendas. Fundación Avina generates and promotes joined efforts that improve ties between entrepreneurs, companies, civic organizations, academic institutions and government agencies that contribute to the common good. Fundación Avina advocates for social transformation in societies leading to sustainability in Latin America.

About Avina Americas

Avina Americas is a US based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2008 with the mission to contribute to the sustainability and development in Latin America through building and promoting productive alliances based on trust among social and business leaders and generating consensus around  shared agenda. AVINA Americas envisions a prosperous, integrated, compassionate and democratic Latin America that is inspired by its own diversity and built on a form of citizenship that positions the region globally according to its own model of sustainable and inclusive development.


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