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Avina Americas and Fundación Avina, together with our partners and allies, are closely monitoring the post-earthquake situation in Ecuador. We have been to ground zero. The areas of Perdernales and Jama are approximately 70% to 80% destroyed. This unfortunate disaster has cost the lives of hundreds and there are thousands of people injured, according to reports from the Ecuadoran government.

The situation has been further aggravated by flooding due to the rainy season.

We are working hand-in-hand with the government, civil society organizations and the international community.

We are unifying efforts in order to rebuild these resilient communities, intervening in a comprehensive manner, in the areas of water, housing, sanitation and waste management.

During Chile’s February 2012 earthquake, we, along with our partners and allies, supported their rebuilding efforts. We created 1,474 emergency shelter units in the regions of Maule and Biobio. This was a US$ 2.8 million dollar project, carried out in partnership with the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations with Emergency Relief Funds.

Now, we dedicate ourselves to the cause of supporting our Ecuadoran brothers and sisters.

The donation that you make will help us tremendously as we respond in a way that is both effective and also encompasses a long-term vision.

Without a doubt, your support will strengthen the capacity of local leaders so they can lead their communities and ensure that the most-affected families receive the help that is necessary.


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