Context and Strategy

Ecuador faces unique economic, environmental and social issues that define the actions of Fundación Avina in the country.

It possesses the greatest biodiversity and the highest concentration of rivers per square kilometer in the world. It has the third fastest growing economy in Latin America. It is home to 15 indigenous nationalities, each their own worldview and traditions, along with Afro-Ecuadorians, whites, mixed-race individuals, and montubios (an officially recognized ethnic group of mixed-race and indigenous descent). Furthermore, it is the first nation in the world to recognize nature as an entity possessing rights, which lies in stark contrast to the country’s economic dependence on the extraction of non-renewable natural resources.

Fundación Avina’s strategy in Ecuador is based on the recognition of the unique convergence of these socio-cultural, environmental, and economic factors and the challenges that they pose to sustainable and inclusive development, both in Ecuador and across the region.

Avina, which acts as the coordinating organization for the Platform for Innovation with Purpose, promotes dialogue among diverse stakeholders and encourages alliances to promote a model of development centered on a harmonious relationship among human beings themselves and between humans and nature, which is central to the concept of “good living.”

With the objective of contributing to the construction of a new economy based on the respect of nature’s limits and the reduction of inequality, Fundación Avina works with key players from government, the private sector, and civil society on:

  1. Information gathering and management, and the development of proposals to effect change;
  2. Institutionalization and sustainability of processes in the public and private sectors;
  3. Promotion of technological and social innovation to accelerate change;
  4. Capacity-building among stakeholders to improve their working conditions and quality of life;
  5. Participation and shared responsibility on the part of citizens in the construction of public goods in all regions of the country.

Our actions are focused on the strengthening of Ecuadorian society, through shared responsibility, the creation of public goods, citizen participation, and transparency. We seek to promote social, ethnic, and gender equality and to support the country’s economic development, thereby helping to fulfill the Plan Nacional del Buen Vivir (National Plan for Good Living).



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