million inhabitants of the Chaco represent a small percentage of the population in their respective countries. Source: 2nd World Meeting on the Chaco 2013


different indigenous groups live in the region and speak approximately 30 different languages. Source: Sociolinguistic Atlas of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America


acres were deforested in 2014. Source: Guyra Paraguay


plant species, 500 bird species, 150 mammal species, 100 amphibian species, and 120 reptile species. Source: Ecoregional Evaluation of the South American Chaco

Our Vision

To ensure sustainable and inclusive management of forest, water, and land resources in the South American Chaco and to foster the development of a new economy in the region.

To promote participatory governance in the region, ensuring the inclusion of indigenous and rural communities in processes for decision-making and citizen oversight. To create the conditions for the incorporation of social and technological innovations as key elements for sustainable development in the region.

Our Alliances

Redes Chaco

Work to bring visibility to the issues facing the Chaco and the creation of cross-border participatory governance models.

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Colectivo de Mujeres

Strengthening of women’s groups in the South American Chaco to fight for their environmental, economic, and social rights.

Fundación Nativa

Support for Chaco municipal governments in the design and implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

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Guyra Paraguay

Monitoring of deforestation, forest fires, and floods in the South American Chaco to raise awareness of the effects of deforestation in the region, promote sustainable practices, involve businesses in protecting biodiversity, and create incentives for conservation.

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Inter-American Foundation

Support for Redes Chaco and strategic grassroots initiatives to accelerate sustainable development processes across borders.

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Programa Sed Cero (Zero Thirst Program)

Investment in solutions to bring access to water to 100,000 families in the South American Chaco.

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Red de Monitoreo del Río Pilcomayo (Río Pilcomayo Monitoring Network)

Strengthening of the disaster alert and prevention system and creation of a knowledge base for sustainable management of the tri-national watershed.

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Samsung Electronics Argentina S.A.

Incorporation of social and technological innovations in isolated Chaco communities to build capacity among residents to take an active role in the development of their communities (part of the Samsung Nanum Village corporate citizenship program).

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Since 2008 Fundación Avina has maintained a strategic alliance with Avina Americas, an independent sister organization based in the United States whose mission is to promote sustainable development in the Americas by connecting and engaging US and Latin American actors in shared strategies that contribute to collective social, economic and environmental benefits. Both organizations are part of a platform from which they jointly support opportunities that offer solutions to the most pressing problems facing the Americas, working together to strengthen and scale strategies to impact sustainable development.

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