Nearly 58,000 square miles of the Amazon and the South American Chaco were protected from deforestation, a surface area equal to Costa Rica, Panama, and El Salvador combined

Experiencies ofTransformation

Gran Chaco Americano (South American Chaco) – Fundación Avina [in Spanish]

El Gran Chaco Americano (The South American Chaco) – Fundación Nativa Bolivia [in Spanish]

Voces del Chaco (Voices from the Chaco) – Urundei Exchange [in Spanish]

Deforestación en el Chaco paraguayo (Deforestation in the Paraguayan Chaco) - Guyra Paraguay [in Spanish]

Proyecto Gran Chaco Americano (Argentina) (South American Chaco Project [Argentina]) – Observatorio Nacional de Biodiversidad [in Spanish]

El futuro está en el monte (The future is in the mountains) - Fundación Gran Chaco [in Spanish]