of all homicides worldwide occur in Latin America and the Caribbean. Source: UNODC


of Latin Americans are satisfied with the democratic system of government. Source: Corporación Latinobarómetro


of people surveyed in Latin America believe that crime is the most pressing problem in the region, more so than unemployment. Source: Corporación Latinobarómetro


out of every 100,000 inhabitants is the homicide rate in Central America. Source: UNDP

Our Vision

To strengthen social and democratic states, as well as to increase the quality and effectiveness of democracy through social, technological, and institutional innovations that guarantee and uphold the rights of citizens

  • To strengthen partnerships between governments and civil society to encourage political and institutional innovations that promote systemic changes in the way power is exercised.
  • To promote spaces for reflection and action among civil society leaders and organizations to equip them with ways to promote democracy in the respective areas where they work.

Our Alliances

Asuntos del Sur - Chile

Support for the “Mucho con poco” (“A lot with a little”) initiative, a platform for learning and relationship-building among young Latin American political leaders who are forces for change in their countries.

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ENclave - Uruguay

Promotion of dialogue between civil society and political parties with an emphasis on the demands, needs, and interests of the next generation of young leaders.

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Incide Social

Support for the “¿Dónde está mi Gobierno?” (“Where’s My Government?”) initiative in Mexico to form a public innovation network in the country.

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Centro Lindavista

Support for the “¿Dónde está mi Gobierno?” (“Where’s My Government?”) initiative in Mexico to form a public innovation network in the country.

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Support for the “¿Dónde está mi Gobierno?” (“Where’s My Government?”) initiative in Mexico to form a public innovation network in the country.

Fundación Red de Acción Política

Convening of meetings with politicians to reflect on the problems posed by organized crime in Argentina.

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Fundación La Alameda

High-impact work fighting slavery and human trafficking in Argentina.

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La Otra Trama

A network formed by Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia (ACIJ), Avina, Contadores Forenses, Crear Vale la Pena, Foro de Periodismo Argentina (FOPEA), Fundación Cambio Democrático, and Fundación La Alameda to develop an interdisciplinary plan to action for Argentina, with goals for advocacy, research, awareness-raising, and training.

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Libera Internacional and organizations in Mexico

Organization of the first meeting of Latin American organizations working to fight mafias in the region, forming the América Latina Alternativa Social (Latin America Social Alternative - ALAS) network.

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Democracia Global

Promotion of the creation of a Latin American Transational Organized Crime Court.

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Democracia en Red

Use of its digital platform for citizen participation in legislative issues in Argentina and Brazil.

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Since 2008 Fundación Avina has maintained a strategic alliance with Avina Americas, an independent sister organization based in the United States whose mission is to promote sustainable development in the Americas by connecting and engaging US and Latin American actors in shared strategies that contribute to collective social, economic and environmental benefits. Both organizations are part of a platform from which they jointly support opportunities that offer solutions to the most pressing problems facing the Americas, working together to strengthen and scale strategies to impact sustainable development.

Share Your Ideas

In your opinion, what is one political innovation that would be a key step forward in your country? (Please mention the name of the country.)

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