million people in Latin America make a living by collecting and selling recyclable waste. Source: Regional Initative for Inclusive Recycling


people in Brazil identify themselves as recyclers. Source: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics


tons of solid waste are collected each year by recyclers in Ecuador, reducing environmental impact. Source: Ecuador’s National Program for Comprehensive Solid Waste Management


out of every 100 pounds of waste that does not go to the landfill is collected by recyclers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Source: Regional Initative for Inclusive Recycling


To develop and strengthen sustainable waste management systems and recycling value chains that legally recognize and include millions of recyclers, by working in alliance with recycler organizations, industry leaders, government agencies, and other key stakeholders.

  • To encourage leadership and organizing among recyclers, in order to increase their representation and to build relationships with other key players in the sector.
  • To promote public policies and regulations that establish sustainable waste management systems that recognize and strengthen the role of recyclers.
  • To foster the development and growth of recycling value chains with the capacity to incorporate a growing volume of recycable materials into production processes and that are rooted in the concepts of inclusive business and a new economy.


Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling

A partnership between the Red Latinoamericana de Recicladores (Latin American Recycler Network), the Multilateral Investment Fund and the Water and Sanitation division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Coca-Cola, Pepsico, and Avina.
Support for the inclusion and formalization of the work of recyclers in solide waste management systems and recycling value chains in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Red LACRE (Latin American Recyclers Network)

Collaboration on the regional (Network Secretariats), national (national networks), and local (cooperatives and associations) level in 15 Latin American countries, directly supporting relationship-building, advocacy efforts, and strategic projects with 50 recycler associations, and indirectly supporting 170 others, impacting approximately 50,000 families involved in recycling.

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Since 2011, Avina Americas has participated in the Inclusive Recycling Opportunity for Impact as the fiscal steward of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s co-investment funds.

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