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The work of Fundación Avina is in line with the
17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through our work with over 7,000 allies, Fundación Avina’s mission for sustainable development has transformed the lives of millions of people in 21 Latin American countries.

The impacts we have already achieved represent progress toward the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Avina, which acts as the coordinating organization for the Platform for Innovation with Purpose, will continue to work with their allies to make even greater contributions to the SDGs.

Impacts that Fundación Avina and
our allies have made toward the SDGs


The Fundación Avina ecosystem
in support of the SDGs

We are an organization with 20 years of experience in innovative social investment, and our team includes 85 experts in sustainable development in Latin America. We promote the convergence of diverse actors with disparate interests by building trust and fostering authentic relationships. We also bring visibility to the causes of our allies and are able to generate results by cultivating shared agendas among key players. These competencies allow Fundación Avina to support the achievement of the SDGs through the following:


That comes about by promoting collaborative processes capable of bringing together groundbreaking social, technological, and economic models.

Capillary action

Based on the physical presence of our staff throughout almost all of Latin America, which allows us to support sustainable development on the national, state, and local levels.

Relationship building

Among diverse leaders and key players, from both the public and private sectors, so that they can contribute jointly to the sustainable development of Latin America, just as the UN envisioned when defining the SDGs.

Added value

In the form of strengthening collaborative processes to be able to apply the SDG objectives in Latin America and to scale successful models across the globe.

Technical assistance

To support the formation of a Latin American platform to compile best practices and enable the exchange of innovative experiences related to the SDGs.

Monitoring and evaluation in support of the SDGs

By promoting the creation of an SDG accountability platform that fosters global dialogue.