After a rigorous invitation process, PERA Complexity was selected to be part of the 10th Clean Equity Monaco Technology Conference where companies, investors and scientists from all over the world will meet this March 14th and 15th to introduce the world’s best-in-class next generation technology companies.

The event, organized by the firm  Innovator Capital together with the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, will feature a number of the scientific and technological innovations that will influence the world in the coming decades. These disruptive innovations will need to be introduced to markets  in order to reach global scale. In addition to featuring speakers of international renown, the conference will provide sessions and networking spaces where presenting companies can introduce themselves to the investor community, media outlets and potential  business partners.

Avina —together with its partner organization WTT and the ally CUP Sciences (Center for Unconventional Processes of Sciences)—launched the technological startup PERA Complexity BV, which will focus on the emerging field of Complexity Sciences in alliance with prestigious academic institutions. Bringing in private investors, with whom it is completing its seed funding stage, PERA Complexity BV will focus on developing research and applied solutions .

Based in the Netherlands, and designed to address global challenges, PERA Complexity will develop innovative applications such as: energy capture, energy transmission, energy storage, desalination, cryptography, and advanced material design.

The launch of PERA Complexity is fundamental for Fundación Avina,  as it aims to contribute to the development of technological solutions that will revolutionize fields and paradigms such as the current energy matrix, water scarcity or communications.

“Incremental improvements in existing technologies based on linear systems and classical science are necessary but not sufficient to avoid a catastrophic increase in global temperature. The new disruptive technologies, inspired by the superior efficiency of systems of evolutionary complexity found in nature, are the necessary response to this challenge. PERA Complexity has mastered the ability to invent, design and build technologies in this new field.” said Sean Mc Kaughan, president of Fundación Avina.

For more information about PERA Complexity, please click here.


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