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Platform for
Innovation with Purpose

The Platform’s allies are global, regional, national, and local organizations that have come together to increase their collective impact and to accelerate the social transformation necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Platform, in which Avina acts as the coordinating organization, is a source for not only innovative solutions to new problems, but also more efficient solutions to existing challenges.

The Platform’s allies have decided to lend their capacities to collective processes that are broader and more inclusive and to invest their resources in social, technological, and business innovations.

We define Innovation with Purpose as a process that combines social, technological, and business innovations to ensure that the most vulnerable groups gain access to quality public goods while protecting ecosystems, thereby promoting sustainable development.

The Platform for Innovation with Purpose boosts the impact of all of Avina’s programs:

Access to Water

Amazon Biome Strategy

Sustainable Cities

Energy / Extractive Industries

The South American Chaco


Political Innovation

Inclusive Recycling

Climate Change

Social Progress Index

Technology for Social Change