Five recycler associations open collection centers in Peru


Reciclaje logro 2In Peru, 80 recyclers who previously worked informally have organized five associations in accordance with the
requirements of the Ley del Reciclador (Recycler Law), which allows them to be formally integrated into municipal
solid waste management systems.
Thanks to a strategic project in Peru supported by the Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling, these recyclers received technical training, immunizations, and equipment. They now service selective collection routes in the cities of Chancay, San Juan Bautista, Arequipa, Tiabaya, and Cayma that have a combined population of 450,000. The recycler organizations have also started their own self-managed collection centers with the capacity to process 70 tons of recyclable material per day. These advances help improve the position of the recyclers in the recycling value chain.
Another important result is that the municipal governments have made their own commitments, funding training for the recyclers, providing land for the collection centers, and overseeing transportation logistics as well as public outreach to ensure that residents separate their recyclable materials for collection. Local companies are also separating their recyclable materials and universities are helping with outreach to individual households to ensure a smooth collection process.
Fundación Avina provided support in the design, negotiation, and implementation of this strategic project, helping to build the recyclers’ capacities and sustainable management systems for the collection centers.
Principal Allies:
Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling,
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Water and
Sanitation Initiative, IDB Multilateral Investment Fund,
Coca-Cola Latin America, PepsiCo, Red Latinoamericana de
Recicladores, Peruvian Ministry of Environment, Natura, San
Miguel Industrias, Grupo Ciudad Saludable
Country Impacted:
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