A new law in Minas Gerais, Brazil prohibits the burning of garbage


Reciclaje logro 1The law’s passage follows a campaign to educate legislators about the ecological and economic inefficiencies of this form of waste disposal, led by the Brazilian national recyclers movement and civil society organizations

like Nossa Belo Horizonte and Instituto Nenuca de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (INSEA), with support from the author of the bill, representative André Quintão.

The law will positively impact recyclers in Minas Gerais, and a similar law was soon passed in the city of Porto Alegre. Other jurisdictions could follow suit with their own laws, potentially impacting all the recyclers in Brazil – who are estimated to number more than 400,000.

By prohibiting the burning of solid waste, the law helps prevent air pollution while ensuring that thousands of recyclers continue to have work collecting recyclable materials that would otherwise be lost.

Fundación Avina has supported the national recyclers movement in Brazil for over 10 years. For this initiative, Avina provided technical advising to the movement for meetings, debates, public hearings, and events to reinforce and spread the message about the negative effects of burning garbage.

Principal Allies: Instituto Nenuca de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis, Nossa Belo Horizonte

Country Impacted: Brazil

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