The Recyclers Network of Santa Cruz, Bolivia Signs an Agreement Formalizing Its Work


foto-oportunidades-cambio-reciclaje2The Recyclers Network of Santa Cruz, the Poverty Alleviation Program and Avina coordinated negotiation, awareness-raising and advocacy efforts which led to an agreement with Empresa Municipal de Aseo de Santa Cruz (EMACRUZ, Santa Cruz Municipal Garbage Company). As part of this agreement, the Recyclers Network will provide the service of separated waste collection in four city districts. This agreement will contribute to the empowerment and formalization of recyclers’ work, improve their quality of life, and create favorable impact for city residents. It has the potential to be replicated in other cities in Bolivia.

Social Capital: Organizations include: Empresa Municipal de Aseo de Santa Cruz, Programa de Alivio a la Pobreza and Red de Recolectores de Santa Cruz.

Internal collaboration with the team of: Bolivia.


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