New legislation will benefit and empower recyclers in Chile



In 2016, two new laws were passed in Chile that benefit recyclers.

The first, the Ley de Fomento al Reciclaje (Law to Encourage Recycling), aims to reduce the production of solid waste and encourage reuse, recycling, and value-adding industries; the law also recognizes recyclers as environmental waste managers with a specific role in the activities promoted by the law.

The other is the Política de Inclusión de Recicladores 2016-2020 (2016-2020 Recycler Inclusion Policy), which promotes socially, economically, and environmentally appropriate practices in solid waste management systems. This new policy incorporates 60,000 recyclers into the solid waste collection and management systems created by the Ley de Fomento al Reciclaje, and it will benefit about 180,000 people who make their living by collecting recyclable materials throughout Chile.

The two laws will make conditions more equitable for recyclers, recognize their environmental contributions, and strengthen their work.

Fundación Avina actively participated in the process by promoting collaboration, disseminating information, and serving as an expert consultant for a diverse set of stakeholders. In addition, Avina participated in technical roundtables and provided support and advising to the Movimiento Nacional de Recicladores de Chile, a national coalition of recyclers that participated in public forums to provide input on the laws.

Principal Allies

Fundación Chile Sustentable

Movimiento Nacional de Recicladores de Chile

Country Impacted


See the full 2016 Annual Report here.

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