Public policy provides legal recognition for Colombian recyclers


In November 2014, the Colombian Ministry of Housing, Cities, and Territories, together with the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, issued Resolution 0754, which establishes a methodology for the design, implementation, evaluation, monitoring, oversight, and update of local plans for integrated solid waste management.

This resolution also requires mandatory compliance and includes guidelines for every municipality in Colombia to incorporate inclusion programs for recyclers. The legislation also requires municipalities to keep records of recyclers and their organizations, as well as to encourage the creation, formalization, and strengthening of recycling cooperatives by providing technical and financial assistance.

This achievement is one of the institutional milestones that are taking place in Colombia that are leading to a national public policy to ensure the legal recognition of the role of recyclers in sustainable waste management.

All of the conditions are in place to scale up formal recognition of the work of recyclers in a country where their experience is typical of the common struggle of recyclers around the world.

logro-destacadob (1)

Recyclers at work in Colombia. Photo © Camilo Rozo.

logro-destacado (6)

Recyclers at work in Colombia. Photo © Camilo Rozo.

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