Building the capacities of recyclers in Bogotá



One of the most tangible results of efforts to build the capacities of recyclers in Bogotá was the approval of Decree 564 in 2012, in which the Mayor’s Office legally recognized the role of recyclers and their organizations as public service providers and compensates them for solid waste collection services.

In addition, the Asociación de Recicladores de Bogotá (the local recycler association) won the Premio Mobil para la Conservación de la Diversidad Bióligica y el Desarrollo Sostenible prize, awarded by the Ventures corporation and one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship prizes in Colombia.

The award was presented to the association for a project where it provided environmental services to capture carbon dioxide and reduce methane emissions. The amount of the award totaled 12 million pesos, given by the Mobil company, and it includes in-depth advising and training.

Fundación Avina contributed to this process by helping to position the environmental services provided by recyclers and assisting in the submission of the project for consideration.

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