Integrated and inclusive waste management policy is approved in Asunción


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Recyclers from Asunción, Paraguay visit their counterparts in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

In August 2014, the city commission of Asunción approved Municipal Ordinance 408/14 concerning integrated solid waste management and promoting a zero waste culture, which includes unprecedented waste management practices. Some of the notable aspects of the ordinance include:

a. The recognition of recyclers (also known as carriteros or gancheros) as key players in integrated solid waste management in the city, prioritizing their inclusion in the processes of collection, transport, and recovery of recyclable materials, with technical and financial assistance provided by the municipal government.

b. The establishment of collection centers and regulations concerning the work of recyclers at the centers.

c. The formation of a Recycler Fund to support recyclers and recycling programs.

d. The mandatory separation of waste and the establishment of selective waste collection.

For several years, Avina has supported and financed the creation and development of recycler organizations and the Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Recicladores(Coordinating Body of Recycler Organizations) in Asunción. Avina also helped to create a multi-sector recycling working group to bring together recycler organizations, civil society organizations, and Asunción city officials.

In addition, Avina supported the work of the Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Recicladores and the organization Alternativa on a proposal for a municipal recycling law, which was presented to the city commission and served as the basis for the ordinance that was eventually passed.


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