Recyclers’ Cooperatives Win Their First Contract From Buenos Aires City Government


foto-oportunidades-cambio-reciclaje1The first contract between 12 recyclers cooperatives and the Buenos Aires city government was signed, giving both parties responsibility for the collection and sorting of waste materials. Each cooperative will work in an assigned area and ensure the collection of separated waste from households in that area. The Municipality will provide recyclers with uniforms, social security, accident insurance and wages. The local government has committed to making the necessary budget allocations to ensure that each cooperative has tools, logistical support and an appropriate workplace to carry out their operations.

Also during 2013, the work category of “Urban Recoverers” was changed to “Environmental Promoters” in Buenos Aires, a recognition of recyclers’ role in providing a public service and in managing environmental impacts in the city.

Social Capital: Organizations include: Comisión Basura Cero (Zero Garbage Commission), Government of the City of Buenos Aires and 12 recyclers cooperatives.

Internal collaboration with the team of: Argentina.


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