img-circulo-chileContext and Strategy

Chile has reached an important level of development in recent years. The country has played a leadership role in the region, but it still has pending issues to address, including income inequality and the failure of development to reach major sections of the country. The need to address these issues is reflected in ongoing protests and demonstrations.

On the other hand, the emergence of substantive issues — such as access to water, greater citizen input into public policies, continued growth of the migrant population, the absence of regulations to discourage corruption both in the political and the corporate world, conflict in areas where indigenous populations reside, and the public’s growing distrust of government institutions — has increased the political, economic, and social complexity of the context in which Fundación Avina operates.

Fundación Avina’s strategy in Chile is oriented toward promoting collaborative processes with leaders from different sectors (government, civil society, businesses, among others), processes that will ensure a solid foundation for a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable pattern of development in the country.

Avina, which acts as the coordinating organization for the Platform for Innovation with Purpose, promotes dialogue between diverse stakeholders and implements actions on the ground to demonstrate feasible, replicable models that address key issues, but the organization also works to create conditions for the participatory development of public policies. We understand that this will bring about structural and transformational changes so that Chile can become a country that truly seeks the common good and is committed to sustainable and inclusive development.



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