Social Progress Index

Move over GDP, the SPI is the way to measure progress

Martin Burt, a former government minister in Paraguay, tells how the Social Progress Index has helped Paraguay set clearer goals and improve quality of life. Last year, the government of Paraguay adopted a new way of measuring the state of the nation, called the Social Progress Index (SPI). Both government and business leaders were concerned that increased economic growth wasn’t improving the lives of ordinary Paraguayans fast enough. We saw no reason why a country that is growing so fast could not bring more benefits of economic progress to the poor.

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Sustainable Development

AML Named 2014 Florida Companies to Watch Winner

AML Superconductivity and Magnetics is proud to be selected as one of fifty leading second-stage companies selected from approximately 600 nominations statewide, as this year’s class of Florida Companies to WatchSM.

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Amazonian Strategy

We invite you to take part in the 2014 Rising Voices Amazonia Project

Beginning in June 2014, with support from Avina Americas, Fundación Avina, and the Skoll Foundation, Rising Voices will launch a microgrant and network-building project focusing on supporting new voices using citizen media from communities in the Amazon Region. Application deadline: Friday, July 18


AML clears final hurdle toward broad commercialization of superconductivity

The successful test is the latest in a series of recent AML milestones that promises to accelerate the “mainstreaming” of superconductivity into such high-impact applications as power generation and distribution, advanced medical procedures, electric-powered transportation and wastewater treatment.

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