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Terms of Reference for a Consultant to Compile a White Paper for the Latin America Impact Economy Innovation Fund

Avina Americas will contract the consultant who will be formally supervised by Avina Americas and Fundación Avina. The value of the contract will be USD $21,500 and shall include all activities and expenses related to the compilation of the white paper.
The consultant will work with the seven grantees of the IEIF to develop a white paper that identifies the challenges and opportunities that were common to all the grantees across their yearlong projects based on the final reports they will deliver in March 2014.

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Sustainable Cities

Expanding Participation

Although elections have become a regular and relatively free process in Latin America—with 2014 bringing a new round of elections for presidents and mayors—high levels of inequality impose real constraints on citizen participation in politics. A lack of public information about the objectives of government policies—and the apathy generated by unfulfilled promises—means voters in the region are often disengaged in the process of debating and deciding policy, with little more than a vote to influence the decisions that affect their lives. Published by Americas Quaterly.

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Sustainable Development

Helping Brazil’s Poor Heal at Home

When a member of a struggling family falls ill, it means a loss of income, potentially major costs, and much stress and fear. That’s more than a family living on the margins can withstand — even if they are lucky enough to have insurance. These so-called “health shocks” happen everywhere, but they are particularly devastating for people in the developing world, especially those who inhabit overcrowded slums – the mega-shantytowns with poor sanitation, untreated water, damp, smoky houses, and few public services that are home to a third of the world’s city dwellers. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to the work of an organization called the Associação Saúde Criança (ASC), based in Rio de Janeiro, which helps poor, urban families with seriously ill children.

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