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Background of the National Strategy

In Argentina, Avina effects social change through short-, medium- and long-term projects that maximize the potential of initiatives with lasting local and national impact.

Recognizing the importance of achieving regional equality, we seek to improve the quality of life in cities by tracking the impact of public policies in these urban areas. We also encourage and cultivate the involvement of social entrepreneurs and local stakeholders. Over the next 30 years in Argentina, we aim to offer viable housing alternatives in La Plata, Rosario and Buenos Aires that are outside of dense urban areas.

Working directly with political, business and social leaders, we want to ensure that democratic rule of law is respected. With regard to spending public assets, we want to minimize excessive concentration of power and closed-door decision-making.

We encourage a country model that prioritizes sustainability in urban centers and for rural populations.

So far, Avina has invested most of its social capital alongside regional allies for specific projects. We believe that we need to broaden our base of local allies and to seek out additional areas where the addition of our resources can continue to make advance significant change. Closer collaboration with government officials and leaders of all political parties will help to ensure that our social initiatives are reflected in public policy.

In the fight against climate change, we advocate for a transition toward a more inclusive economy that produces very low levels of carbon emissions and generates a growing portion of its energy needs from sustainable sources.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

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Programas AVINA

1.- Openness to Listen to All Voices

The Argentine National Congress approved the Social Communication Services Law on October 10, 2009, replacing the Radio Broadcasting Law in effect since 1980.

The new legislation still contains some controversial elements. Nevertheless, it is an improvement as it favors diversity and plurality of media sources.

Avina supported the consolidation of the
Argentine Forum of Community Radio Stations (Foro Argentino

de Radios Comunitarias), a founding member of the Civic Coalition for Democratic Broadcasting (Coalición Cívica por una Radiodifusión Democrática), which provided the impetus for the new legislation. Avina’s ally, Néstor Busso, president of FARCO, played a decisive role in leading the lobby in favor of the law. Shortly after its passage he was elected president of the Federal Audiovisual Communication Council, presently the country’s main communications organization.

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