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Background for the National Strategy

Since launching its activities in Bolivia in 1996, Avina has supported initiatives all over the country, building up leadership and giving visibility to programs promoting sustainable development.

Avina has sought to position itself as a plural, democratic and transparent facilitator that brings together the various sectors, encouraging discussion and consideration leading to social transformation.

Our strategic vision follows clear and precise programmatic lines. Avina opens up opportunities for discussion and coordination leading to the strengthening of democracy, seeking to contribute to building a common vision for the country.

Avina is particularly interested in the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture, conceiving and creating innovative projects that lead to equitable prosperity and the creation of sustainable employment opportunities.

We build leadership and create plural, democratic and transparent opportunities.

Avina also believes in the capacity of art to bring about change and thus promotes the creation and implementation of cultural agendas that contribute to sustainable development and social change.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

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Programas AVINA

1.- Indigenous rights and the Constitutional Assembly

In 2009 Bolivia adopted a new constitution after several years of gathering input from citizens’ groups and other interested parties. Avina played a large role helping allied groups advance their causes in 2006, with more than 50 participatory events that included indigenous peoples, representatives of suburban neighborhoods, members of the UNIR foundation and the Departmental Citizen Forum. These groups came together as the Tenant Federation and successfully influenced the constitutional assembly to include guarantees of fundamental rights, such as the right to adequate

housing, and the preservation of indigenous territories in the new Magna Charta.

Avina funded these groups and helped to develop strategies, establish contacts and provide access to key players from other nations’ constitutional assemblies.

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