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Background for the National Strategy

In addition to promoting the convergence and synergy of ongoing continental initiatives in Brazil, Fundación Avina seeks to identify and support national initiatives that help to achieve several goals:

Foster the transition from the current economy to a new model in which the “value of nature” is a fundamental factor in society’s decision-making.

Promote structural solutions to improve the quality of secondary education in Brazil.

Achieve a truly effective participatory democracy that broadens and enhances the participation and empowerment of all citizens.

Support alliances and strategies to monitor the impact of investments made in planning for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics on sustainability, transparency and social legacy.

Define a new “architecture” for the sustainability of civil society organizations, particularly those defending human rights.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

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Programas AVINA

Avina Supported the Creation of the Fundo Amazônia

One of Avina’s closest allies in Brazil is forestry consultant and social entrepreneur, Tasso Azevedo, who is responsible for the creation of the Fundo Amazônia,the largest fund in the world supporting projects that combat deforestation and forest degradation. The fund has already collected USD 100 million for projects aimed at sustainable use of forests.

Tasso Azevedo also played a key role in the process during the COP15 world climate change conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, which resulted in the Brazilian government committing to a 20% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions. This goal was incorporated into the National Policy for Climate Change, which authorizes the government to use tax and regulatory incentives to achieve this objective.

Tasso received financial support from Avina and Climate Works Foundation in all these actions.

Avina Supports the Establishment of the Latin American Network of Environmental Prosecutors

With the goal of promoting coordinated action among environmental prosecutors, Avina supported the creation and consolidation of the Latin American Network of Environmental Prosecutors, which already has 200 members from 15 Latin American countries after only two years of operation. The network enhances the visibility of the work of environmental prosecutors throughout Latin America.

Prosecutors in the network share experiences and methods of applying environmental legislation to promote integrated and orchestrated action. The network also seeks to facilitate technical training for its members, strengthens the role of national environmental prosecutors and provides support for efforts to defend the environment in countries where network members operate.

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