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Background for the National Strategy

For several years in Chile, leaders from business, government and civil society have been working in close collaboration to address claims and interests of sectors traditionally underrepresented in or excluded from public debate.

The inclusive environment in Chile presents Avina with new opportunities to make an impact on significant policy decisions.  In addition, the earthquake and tsunami of two years ago have created a sense of urgency and need for exploring innovative ways of doing things. Chile provides an example of how alternative participation models arise that respect for diversity, environmental protection and social inclusion and equity.

The challenge Avina faces is to stay connected and committed to the reality of Chile’s dynamic changes and rebuilding following the devastation of 2010. We continue to offer valuable input and to build social capital that promotes changes in alignment with our guiding principles.

Calling on all of society’s resources to build sustainable development.

Avina wants to be seen as a strategic ally of leaders, movements and platforms that support initiatives that enhance human dignity and sustainable development.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

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Programas AVINA

Adoption of the Law of Access to Public Information

The adoption of this legislation in 2009 created an autonomous institution in Chile to ensure the right of all citizens to access public information. The law is part of an agenda in favor of transparency in state management.

Avina supported its ally, Juan Pablo Olmedo, who

who played a decisive role in the enactment of this law by submitting a concrete petition to the Inter-American Human Rights Court. Avina participated in the preparation of this petition’s content and carried out vigorous parliamentary lobbying. We are proud that our efforts have resulted in Chile has joining the growing list of Latin American countries with laws to guarantee transparency and access to public information.

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