Photo: Mitch Wilson & José Luis SalomónPhoto: Mitch Wilson & José Luis SalomónPhoto: Mitch Wilson & José Luis Salomón

Background for the National Strategy

Paraguay is a country with many advantages, but also many challenges: it has fertile soil, abundant water resources, macroeconomic stability, clean energy, a youthful population (60% of the population is under 30 years of age), low foreign debt, and a low occurrence of irregular topography and natural disasters.

However, it has a history of low economic growth, limited job generation, and a large section of the population does not have access to fundamental human rights.

According to the United Nations, close to 40% of the Paraguayan population lives in poverty, and half of this 40% lives in absolute poverty.

Along with participation of key social stakeholders, we are defining instrumental actions which can create a new vision for the country.

Social fragmentation makes it difficult for the different groups to build a common vision. With Avina playing a key role in creating and promoting a new vision for the country, we hope to build strong alliances between civil society and the business and public sectors, resulting in a more prosperous, educated, inclusive, democratic and sustainable society.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

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Programas AVINA

The Investment and Export Network Established as a State Policy in Paraguay

The National Export Plan has been fully established in Paraguay as a state policy. The Investment and Export Network (Red de Inversiones y Exportaciones, or REDIEX) is a working model combining three instrumental stakeholders: the public and private sectors and the university. As part of the plan’s implementation the Ministry of Industry and Trade formed a single, centralized exporter’s office to facilitate exports. Newly established sectoral boards promote business in markets such as biofuels, meat and leather, forestry products, fruit and vegetables, stevia, textiles and clothing, information and communications technology, and tourism. Exports in Paraguay have increased exponentially since the establishment of REDIEX.

Avina played a key role in setting up this body, as it identified the potential for growth and supported key allies, Victor Varela and Jorge Achón, who worked towards this goal. Avina facilitated experience exchanges with other like-minded groups and organizations in Latin America, and provided the initial capital to establish the model.

Civil Society and Entrepreneurial Stakeholders Influence the Drafting of the Paraguayan Water Resource Law

Paraguay now has a water resource law. The Group Promoting Sustainable Water (Grupo Impulsor Agua Sostenible, or GIAS), involving various Avina allies, undertook a lengthy process of almost two years to influence legislative powers in the drafting of this law. The Group included the following organizations: the Association of Sanitation Boards of the Central Department (Asociación de Juntas de Saneamiento del Departamento Central), the Itauguá Sanitation Board (Junta de Saneamiento de Itauguá), the Paraguayan Association for Water Resources (Asociación Paraguaya de Recursos Hídricos), the Paraguayan Groundwater Society (Sociedad Paraguaya de Aguas Subterráneas), Alter Vida/Geam, Sobrevivencia, IDEA, the Moisés Bertoni Foundation and the Water Forum Network (Red Foro Agua). At present, Paraguayan law considers water resources to be a public asset, access to which is a human right.

Avina promoted joint efforts by the various stakeholders to reach consensus on the public water policy, and facilitated periodic meetings that helped to establish trust and to coordinate a collective action plan based on previously agreed guiding principles.

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