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Background for the National Strategy

Through a consolidated democracy and a healthy economy Uruguay has alleviated poverty and lowered unemployment rates. It presently offers some of the best prospects within the Latin American continent.

Avina seeks to develop innovative initiatives, which could be applied to other countries, making Uruguay a laboratory for social innovation.

As in other geographic areas, we encourage the promotion and assessment of social and structural change, as well as citizen participation that includes all sectors of society.

Over the past few years, we have incorporated new allies into our network, while reinforcing existing links with stakeholders from civil society, the business sector, international cooperation agencies and mass media.

National Strategies

Opportunities for advancing elements of Avina's continental strategy in Argentina include initiatives to support recycling, improving public access to water, mitigating climate change, preserving the Amazonian biome and promoting inclusive markets.

Please click the links to the right to see the initiatives for the current country.

Programas AVINA


Successful dissemination of Plan Ceibal has worked in Tarija, Bolivia. Replicating Plan Ceibal at local and regional levels comes next. Models provided by the Forge Foundation enable prompt entry into the labor market.

Inclusive Markets

Joint work between UNDP and Ashoka has established a local network of inclusive markets.

A multi-sectoral forum has also been established to strengthen a broad platform promoting inclusive businesses in the country’s rural areas. .

Sustainable Cities

Avina supported the creation of three movements and the establishment of a sustainable cities network in Uruguay.

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