Due to globalization, there is an unprecedented need for human and environmental interdependence. Only with a global perspective and international coalitions can Latin America make progress toward becoming a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive region.

That is why Avina has developed a Global Relations strategy that seeks to link its Latin American allies with international networks and institutions. These links strengthen Avina’s continental initiatives by enhancing:

 Global visibility and positioning

 Exchange of knowledge and global perspectives

 Mobilization of financial and non-financial resources

 Construction of international social capital

 Development of global networking capabilities

The implementation of this strategy has promoted important partnerships with several global players on different platforms and key moments of action. More information here

Avina Americas is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization with headquarters in Washington D.C. Created in 2008, its mission is to contribute to sustainable development in Latin America by encouraging productive alliances based on trust among social and business leaders, and to broker consensus around agendas for action.

Avina Americas has established itself as a vital bridge between new allies in North America and key allies in Latin America to consolidate and scale opportunities for systemic change toward sustainable development in Latin America.