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Models of Democratic Governance of Water in Latin America

The publication, which is prefaced by 2009 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, Dr. Elinor Ostrom, describes three Latin American models of sustainable and democratic water management: the first refers to Community Organizations of Water and Sewage Services (OCSAS); the second to Semi-arid Articulation (ASA) in the northeast of Brazil; and the third to the case of the Matanza River basin in Argentina, where constitutional tools allowed its inhabitants to access potable water.

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Discussion Platform: Five Years’ Learning About Multi-sectoral Negotiation in Pantanal

As part of their mission to encourage the establishing of bonds of trust and productive alliances between social and business leaders and preparing agendas of shared action, in the last five years, the Fundación AVINA has supported a process of discussions and negotiations between second- and third-sector organization with a focus on a noble cause: sustained development in the Brazilian Pantanal.

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In search of sustainability: CSRs Path in Latin America and AVINA’s Contribution

This study was done under the direction of Mercedes Korin, CSR specialist in the region, and was developed with the contribution of a large group mainly from CRS, the business sector and society, who for years have worked together with AVINA on installing the CRS culture in Latin America.

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Ground Zero: AVINA and its Allies Rebuilding Chile

The importance of our supporting local action in Latin American countries was demonstrated on February 27, 2010, when an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit, followed by a tsunami, causing 521 deaths in five regions and 26 communes in Chile, as well as USD 30 billion in structural damage. The entire world was shocked by the destruction and suffering. AVINA and its network of allies in the affected area acted quickly to reduce the impact of the tragedy.

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The Optimum Community Aqueduct: Conditions for Effective Water Services Management

The study, published by Fundación AVINA, identifies, analyzes and systematizes the desirable characteristics of Community Organizations of Water Services (OCSA), which effectively manage the access to this resource for millions of people in Latin America.

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