Avina’s main objective is to contribute to concrete and relevant changes that lead to more sustainable development in Latin America.


We believe two types of changes will be key in the region:

  Placing value on public goods, that is, what belongs to all of us as citizens, since we believe that, as the number of public goods rises, inequality diminishes.

  The transition toward a new economy that preserves natural wealth and contributes to social progress.

Download here our Institutional 4Pagers

Avina creates and supports collaborative processes that produce effective cooperation among entrepreneurs, companies, civil society organizations, academia and governmental institutions so together they can contribute to advancing the common good. Through its activities, Avina builds conditions capable of influencing decision makers and generating the changes necessary for a sustainable Latin America.

To reach this impact objective, Avina will invest in four institutional assets:

  • Social Capital: the capacity to bring together a critical mass of allies and different actors on the ground with the potential to have an impact on public policy and influence society.
  • Operational Excellence: the capacity for analysis, institutional coordination and management that empowers the team to create favorable conditions for change.
  • Intellectual Capital: the capacity to transform the lessons learned by Avina into a methodology for value creation that strengthens its actions and guides team training.
  • Communication: the capacity to craft narratives and messages that have resonance inside and outside the region and add concrete value to the agendas for change in Latin America.

We work with thousands of leaders and organizations from different sectors who are committed to sustainable development in the region. It is through constant dialog with its network of allies that Avina defines its strategy, identifies opportunities and builds shared action agendas. Our allies inspire us with their vision for social transformation, they teach us with their innovative approaches, and we seek to contribute to change by supporting their organizations, initiatives and networks.

It is possible to build development processes that are sustainable, satisfying the needs of the present while at the same time safeguarding the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs. Latin American society possesses the resources and potential to create solutions for the challenges that it faces.

Those who assume a leadership role with a vision for the future are key players in uniting interests around models that are sustainable. True leadership focuses on helping others to grow without neglecting the needs of the leader. Sustainable development depends to a large extent on the ability of civil society, business, and government to discuss, collaborate, and implement mutually agreed agendas for action.

Mission: Impact sustainable development from Latin America by creating favorable conditions for diverse actors to join forces in contributing to the common good.

Vision: We seek a prosperous, integrated, and democratic Latin America, inspired in its diversity, built in solidarity by its citizens, and known globally for its own model of sustainable and inclusive development. We want to be recognized as an effective and innovative organization that contributes to the sustainable development of Latin America.

Values: The full realization of the human being, in a context of individual, social, and environmental harmony, as the central focus of sustainable development. Human dignity expressed as the exercise of democracy, equity of opportunities, freedom with responsibility, honesty, and solidarity. Modesty, which must guide our actions, encouraging us to celebrate the contributions of others in the process of building together a better world for each and every person. Continuous innovation, which allows us to be increasingly effective and productive.

Avina was founded in 1994 by the Swiss entrepreneur Stephan Schmidheiny, who inspired the vision and values that guide the organization. Avina is maintained by VIVA, a trust created by Stephan Schmidheiny to further sustainable development through alliances between successful and responsible businesses and philanthropic organizations that promote leadership and innovation.