Agreement will benefit more than 20,000 recyclers



(Foto: Photo courtesy of the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador. Pictured from left to right: Carlos Sagasti, Manager of EMASEO Quito; Carolina Zambrano, from Fundación Avina; Luis Arellano, representative from Instituto Nacional de Economía Popular y Solidaria; Lorena Tapia, Minister of the Environment; Doris Solíz, Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion; and Laura Guanoluisa, president of RENAREC. )

An agreement that unites efforts, programs, and resources to work toward real and effective social and economic inclusion of more than 20,000 recyclers and their families was signed in February 2014 by the Ecuadorian Ministries of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) and of the Environment (MAE), Instituto Nacional de Economía Popular y Solidaria (IEPS), and Red Nacional de Recicladores de Ecuador (RENAREC).

The RENAREC national recycler network, with the support of Fundación Avina, has been working for over 5 years on building its member base, visibility, leadership, and capacity to work with the national and local governments.

Fundación Avina provided technical support to RENAREC in building its relationship with the MIES and MAE.

Our work in the area of public policy is carried out in coordination with other initiatives in Ecuador related to Inclusive Recycling, the Amazon, and Climate Change.


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