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Landmark Transformations
with our Allies

Avina´s Programs Platform for Innovation with Purpose

For over 20 years, our programs have positively impacted sustainable development in Latin America, producing large-scale changes through collaborative processes involving leaders from different sectors.

Moving forward, our aim is to further accelerate these changes in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. How will we do this? By injecting new momentum into our programs through the Platform for Innovation with Purpose, a strategic alliance that brings together diverse actors around shared objectives and integrates social, technological, and business innovations.

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Access to Water

Sustainable Cities

The South American Chaco


Political Innovation

Inclusive Recycling

Climate Change

Social Progress Index

Technology for Social Change

The allies involved in the
Platform for Innovation with Purpose include


Together we can make a Change News

Campaigns Noticias

#Migración: Un movimiento que transforma

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Joan Melé no Brasil: Dinheiro e consciência

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Cambio climático: adaptación y colaboración como mecanismos de acceso al agua

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Who are we working with to change the world?

Since 2008, Fundación Avina has been building important relationships with different organizations working in the social, business, and government sectors, both within and outside of Latin America, in order to generate a greater impact on sustainable development. The strategic and financial contributions of these allies has been and will continue to be essential for creating a better world.

Some of our principal co-investment allies:


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