BRAZIL: “Climate Feasibility Study for the project “Enhancing resilience of communities, smallholders and ecosystems to climate change impacts through adapting and scaling up land/resources used systems in the Marajo Archipelago in Brazil”. 



This foreseen project aims to implement the best climate-resilient and cost-effective solutions, targeting smallholder producers from Salvaterra, Soure and Cachoeira do Arari in the Marajó Island, Brazil4 affected by climate change impacts. 

The project will seek to increase adaptive capacities of smallholders to make the current food production system more resilient to climate change impacts. Through the implementation and upscale of diversified agroforestry systems5, the project will result in smallholders´ livelihoods becoming more resilient to climate shocks and stresses triggered by climate change. For more information, please read the Concept Note developed and submitted to the GCF for consideration.


The overall purpose of the Consultancy is to conduct a feasibility study that will inform the development of a full Funding Proposal to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund for funding consideration on that will provide Adaptation Measures in Marajo. 

Fundación Avina requires the service of a consultancy firm or expert to develop a feasibility analysis on current and future climate context in the project intervention area as well as projected impacts in order to determine the vulnerability of smallholders in the three Municipalities of Marajo in which the project seeks to intervene. The consultancy firm will support Fundación Avina during project preparation.  


Interested parties should submit a proposal to undertake the consultancy including the CVs of all team members (a multidisciplinary team is preferable), at least two copies of examples of previous feasibility studies elaborated in English, and at least 2 letters of recommendation by Nov 23, 2021. 

Equal and inclusive career opportunity. We embrace diversity based on gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion. We encourage the application of Afro-descendants, people of indigenous origin and LGBTIQ +. 


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