Member of Wings

Fundación Avina has joined WINGS intending to bring a Global South essence and presence to the global philanthropy space! Together, we will commit to creating a lasting impact and driving positive change on a global scale. Join us on this incredible journey of transformation and collaboration!

Member of Edge Funders Alliance (EFA)

Fundación Avina is part of EFA’s efforts to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the interconnected nature of the social, economic and ecological crises threatening our common future.

Member of Grupo de Fundaciones y Empresas (GdFE)

 As a member of GdFE, Fundación Avina contributes to the promotion of and resource mobilization for the public good in Argentina.

Member of Grupo de Institutos, Fundaciones y Empresas (GIFE)

 As an active member of GIFE, Fundación Avina participates in efforts to raise awareness and optimize private social investment in areas such as migration, climate action, water and sanitation, and democracy in Brazil.

Member of Global Alliance for Banking

Avina is part of the effort led by The Global Alliance for Banking on Values which focuses on changing the banking system to be more transparent; supports economic, social and environmental sustainability; and is composed of a diverse range of banking institutions that serve the real economy.

Accredited Entity of the Green Climate Fund

We are the first Latin American civil society organization to be accredited as a regional entity to channel the Fund’s resources to countries throughout the region.

Member of Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN)

As a member of the HRFN, Fundación Avina strengthens and shares knowledge on human rights and grantmaking practices.

Coordinator of the
Platform for Innovation with Purpose

Creating social, technological and business innovations to produce impact on a scale that the world needs.

Member of the Steering Group of the F20

The F20 platform, which consists of foundations and philanthropic organizations from different parts of the world, calls for joint, transnational action to combat climate change and promote a just transition to sustainable development.

Member of We Act (IPCoCC)

Fundación Avina is proud to join #PhilanthropyforClimate, a global movement of foundations committed to urgent action on climate change.