Avina Americas

Avina Americas, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity based in the United States, is part of the Avina ecosystem, which is made up of legal entities in 13 countries. Avina Americas serves as a bridge to connect US-based philanthropic organizations with the causes that Avina supports in Latin America and around the globe.

World-Transforming Technologies (WTT)

World-Transforming Technologies (WTT) is one of the technological arms of the Avina ecosystem that accelerates and scales innovative business, technological, and social solutions to major social and environmental challenges.

Pera Complexity

Avina, WTT, and the Center for Unconventional Processes of Sciences (CUP Sciences) launched PERA Complexity, a venture that collaborates with universities and research institutes to develop technologies that make enormous leaps forward in solving global challenges.


Avina partners with the Advanced Innovation Center (AIC), which produces solutions to generate high economic, social, and environmental impact in a variety of industries.

Doble Impacto

Avina is part of the Doble Impacto initiative, an investment platform to create the first ethical bank in Chile.

Impact Innovation

Avina is a member of the Impact Innovation Alliance, whose goal is to develop a world-class superconductivity research center to design and industrialize high-impact energy, water, and environmental solutions.

Viva Idea

VIVA Idea is a thought and action center dedicated to strengthening collective action towards sustainable development in the global South.


Grupo Nueva

Grupo Nueva Masisa is a triple bottom line company specializing in forestry and wood derivatives.

Fundes Latinoamérica

FUNDES helps micro and small business owners in innovative ways in order to unlock their potential as changemakers.


MarViva is a foundation that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal ecosystems.