Fundación Avina has different policies, and procedures to guide the organization, its employees, and partners in the various processes. Each of these documents is tied to a specific objective and the application thereof is monitored by the responsible team. This team will also oversee progress with respect to these goals to ensure the greatest efficiency in management.

In the list below, we present the policies that are tied to public interests due to their direct link to the management of grants, and are linked to the Cooperation Agreement as well:

Guidelines for presenting concerns regarding the development of the various projects in which Fundación Avina is involved.

Criteria to guarantee that the projects supported do not involuntarily lead to environmental or social risks or impacts.

Ethical positioning and principles that govern our organization, offering transparency to various interest groups regarding the collective values that guide our discourse and daily practices.

Guidelines for implementing a purchase and/or contract, ensuring the correct alignment with management, and guaranteeing objectivity, fairness, transparency and efficiency.

Guidelines and scope for grant management, allowing for ease of operation, good management and coordination; advocate for internal and external transparency in the grants we make; define the procedures, requirements and responsibilities for management and work protocols and guidelines related to grant management.

We are firmly committed to achieving an Internet safe from illegitimate invasions of privacy, as well as legitimate ones without guarantees. Within this framework, we have created a privacy policy that promotes congruency between our external actions and our internal practices. The present policy incorporates standards and good practices from both Latin American and European legislation regulating such material.

Guidelines on measures to prevent crimes of Money Laundering and Funding Terrorism, to be implemented in daily work.

This policy establishes equality, the prohibition of gender discrimination, and safeguarding physical and moral integrity (non-violence against women) as principles in Avina’s Code of Ethics and recognizes and integrates universal legal principles for the protection of human rights.

We stress the respect and protection of the human rights of vulnerable people and pledge to implement mechanisms that will allow us to meet this commitment.

Guidelines for promoting equality among all women and men in the organization’s internal management and for empowering women internally, such as through our impact platform and through initiatives that, based on human rights, support and implement gender equality and equity, the empowerment of women, and non-discrimination.

Basic parameters under which information should be provided to the external public on Fundación Avina’s investments, as well as the manner in which they are managed and evaluated and their results.

Details the procurement and contracting procedures that must be implemented by Avina’s partner organizations when they use resources provided by our Foundation.

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