Fundación Avina has several policies, protocols, and procedures in place to guide the organization, its staff, and its allies. Each document lays out specific objectives and a team is charged with overseeing the application of the policy, protocol, or procedure as well as with monitoring progress toward the objectives.

The following list includes selected policies and procedures that are of interest to the public and referenced in our grant agreements:

Code of Ethics

Overview of the ethical principles that guide our organization’s daily practices.

Environmental and Social Risk Assessment

Criteria to ensure that we do not support projects that lead to negative environmental or social impacts.

Prevention and Addressing of Complaints

Guidelines for submitting concerns and complaints regarding our work or projects in which we are involved.

Transparency in Communications Regarding Social Investments

Parameters to determine what information must be provided to the public about Fundación Avina’s social investments.

Gender and Diversity

Guidelines for promoting equality, equity, and nondiscrimination throughout our organization and initiatives.

Management of Social Investments

Overview of the procedures, requirements, and responsibilities related to managing our grant portfolio and ensuring transparency.

Data Privacy

Standards and best practices that are consistent with both Latin American and European data privacy regulations.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding Terrorism

Measures to prevent the crimes of money laundering and funding terrorism.

Respect for and Protection of People

Mechanisms to respect and protect the human rights of vulnerable people.

Purchasing (for allies)

Guidelines for Fundación Avina’s allies when they use resources provided by our organization to procure goods and services.

Risk Management

Travel (for allies)

Guidelines for Fundación Avina’s allies and consultants when they use resources provided by our organization to pay for travel expenses.

Conflict of Interest Prevention and Management Policy

Measures to prevent and manage conflicts of interest for employees and consultants of Fundación Avina and its ecosystem.

Protection of Informants and Witnesses

Criteria applied to safeguard and ensure the safety, confidentiality, and protection of individuals who need to report or bear witness to prohibited or inappropriate conduct identified both within and outside the organization, related to the activities in which we have involvement or affiliation, without fear of retaliation and with the assurance of being promptly and effectively attended to.