Fundación Avina: In Defense of Democracy and Democratic Rule of Law in Brazil

Joedson Alves/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Fundación Avina unequivocally condemns the terrorist attacks on the houses of the constitutional bodies of the Brazilian government that occurred on January 8, 2023 in the capital, Brasilia. This attack on national democratic institutions, public goods, and the will of the people expressed through the vote hurts all Brazilians, regardless of party or ideology. Acts of violence like this put lives at risk and pose an aggressive, unconstitutional, and criminal threat to democracy by disrespecting the peaceful transfer of power and defying rule of law.  

We also express our solidarity for Aline Sousa, a grassroots recycler who has been part of the national leadership team of Movimento Nacional dos Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis (MNCR) since 2013 and is head of MNCR’s women and youth outreach division, Secretaria Nacional de Formação de Mulheres e Jovens da Unicatadores.  After placing the presidential sash on the current President of the Republic of Brazil during the inauguration ceremony, she has been the victim of attacks and threats, all of which we emphatically condemn. Aline Sousa has been fighting for 20 years to combat the climate crisis, protect the environment, and improve living and working conditions for thousands of recyclers across Latin America.  

Fundación Avina is a global organization that drives processes designed to change systems through collaborative efforts that foster human dignity and care for the planet. We will continue to monitor the aftereffects of these acts throughout Latin America, work in favor of democracy, and use nonviolence in the face of hate speech. Furthermore, we invite all people to reject any action or inaction that threatens systems built on human rights, human dignity, and a fair and inclusive vision for society.