Fundación Avina, accredited entity of the Green Climate Fund.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It was created in 2010 during the 16th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico, and it is the main mechanism for the mobilization of financial resources from developed countries to developing ones for climate change adaptation and mitigation activities.

Fundación Avina’s accreditation with the Green Climate Fund makes it the first civil society organization in Latin America accredited as a regional direct access entity, allowing it to channel the Fund’s resources to countries throughout the region.

As an Accredited Entity, Fundación Avina aims to expand its contribution to regional climate action towards inclusive, low-carbon and climate resilient development.

Fundación Avina was accredited on December 14th, 2016 as a Micro Organization, which allows it to mobilize up to US$10M per project and under “C” category for managing Environmental and Social Risks.

By developing adaptation and mitigation projects in priority areas for the climate agendas of the countries in the region, Fundación Avina aims to:

  1. speed up and scale up regional climate action;
  2. promote and scale innovative responses to historical development challenges;
  3. work alongside countries to meet their climate change-related needs and priorities;
  4. contribute to the operationalization of the Fund in Latin America and its delivery to non-governmental actors and cities; and
  5. expedite collaboration in change processes.

The Green Climate Fund’s Strategic Impact Result areas establish two financial support pillars for activities related to climate Adaptation and Mitigation based on which Fundación Avina creates its climate agenda. They can be summarized as follows:



Access to and production of low-carbon.

Buildings, cities, industries and artifacts.

Low-carbon transportation.

Fores and land use.



Vulnerable communities.

Health and well-being, food and water security.


Ecosystems and ecosystem services.

The Green Climate Fund establishes six investment criteria which should be the basis for all funding proposals:

Contribute to archieving the Funds´s goals and results areas

Capacity to scale-up the impact beyond the investment in one program/project

Broader benefits and priorities, including environmental, social and economic benefits, as well as gender-sensitive development impacts

Considering recipient country´s vulnerabilities and finance needs

Recipient country ownership in its capacity to implement proposed activities, including participation of diverse groups involved

Program and/or proyect´s financial strength

Funding proposals for the Green Climate Fund should always include a no-objection letter from the National Designated Authority of the country where each project will be implemented; all proposals should highlight coordination with the government entity approved by the Green Climate Fund to take on such responsibility.

A good proposal to be presented to the Green Climate Fund should demonstrate its contribution to achieving a paradigm shift towards climate resilient and low-carbon development. Under this perspective, each project should:

  • Ensure a far-reaching vision can be achieved through changes generated in the short and medium-term, including systemic changes generated by means of strategic investments in policies and regulations that will change market and economic behaviors beyond a specific investment.
  • Foster country ownership and a gender-sensitive approach in all its activities, ensuring alignment, consultation and commitment with all actors and sectors involved.
  • Demonstrate project sustainability so that its impacts are maintained even after the end of the Green Climate Fund’s support.
  • Demonstrate the cost-benefit relationship so that the seed capital provided by the Green Climate Fund drives additional long-term investments financed by other sources.

Fundación Avina supports the development of initiatives to be presented to the Green Climate Fund that are focused on actions related to the Readiness stage, as well as the development of Projects and Programs as summarized below:



Enpower National Designated Authorities or Focal Points.

Develop strategic milestones for Fund association.

Support accreditation of direct access entities.

Support adaptation processes, incluiding national adaptation plans.



Mitigation-related actions.

Adaptation processes.

Initiatives developing both approaches: mitigation and adaptation.

Every proposal approved by the Green Climate Fund, is implemented based on the social investment process established by Fundación Avina, according to the policies and procedures that regulate the whole process.

Contact people at Fundación Avina for issues related to the Green Climate Fund are: Paula Ellinger – – and Maribel Cabrera –

Approved Proposals


Readiness: National Adaptation Planning in Peru

Country: Peru

Approved budget: $1,445,082.00

Duration: 24 months

Approval date: 12 December 2019

See the proposal: Here


Readiness: Strengthening climate finance and NDC implementation by developing mitigation proposals through participatory federal Process

Country: Argentina

Approved budget: USD431.226

Duration: 18 months

Approval date: May 10, 2018

See the proposal: Here


Readiness: Enhancing the role of Local Development Councils to contribute to the implementation of the country´s NDC and access to climate finance

Country: Paraguay

Approved budget: USD592.813

Duration: 18 months

Approval date: April 13, 2018

See the proposal: Here


Readiness: Enhance the capacity of Decentralized Autonomous Governments to access and manage climate finance in Ecuador and contribute to the implementation of the NDC

Country: Ecuador

Approved budget: USD559,516

Duration: 18 months

Approval date: November 1, 2018

See the proposal: Here


Readiness: Enhancing resilience of communities, smallholders and ecosystems to climate change impacts through adapting and scaling up land/resources used systems in the Marajo Archipelago in Brazil

Country: Brazil

Approved budget: USD515,493

Duration: 12 months

Approval date: september 23, 2021

Complaints related to activities financed by Green Climate Fund are listed below:

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