Latin America is the region hit hardest by the pandemic.

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The first confirmed case of coronavirus in Latin America was identified in Brazil at the end of February, since then, the virus has spread all over the region causing more than 10.9 million infected people and more than 390 thousand deaths, making it the most affected region by the pandemic in the world. 

To expand civic space, US$3 million will be invested in Latin America.

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As democracy in Latin America is being threatened, a new multi-donor initiative called Pulsante is seeking to fund and support those fighting to protect it. In the current state of emergency produced by the pandemic, decision-making by governments has, in some cases, significantly strained their relationships with citizens. 

New Alliance Launched to Help Social Entrepreneurs Overcome Impacts of COVID-19

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Forty leading global organizations have united to launch the COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, pooling knowledge, experience and responses to alleviate suffering and advance new models of change for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

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