Fundación Avina strongly condemns the assassination of labor rights defenders in the garment industry in Honduras and Bangladesh.

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Fundación Avina condemns the recent assassination of five labor rights defenders in the garment industry, four of them in Honduras and one in Bangladesh. We stand in solidarity with the victims, their families, the organizations they represent, and the labor and human rights movement as a whole.  

Fundación Avina proudly announces the selection of the first eight solutions to receive funding for implementing tropical forest management practices in the Global South through our BASE initiative.

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Launched at COP27 in November 2022, BASE (Building Approaches to fund local Solutions with climate Evidence) aims to overcome one of the barriers that local communities face in accessing climate finance, notably the challenge of developing a solid climate rational for proposals. Demonstrating how a project can effectively reduce GHG emissions or bolster resilience is particularly challenging for local communities and organizations, yet it is crucial for securing certain climate funds.  

Fundación Avina partners with Idesam’s Carbon Neutral Program

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Idesam's Carbon Neutral Program will offset Fundación Avina’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.  Fundación Avina has established a partnership with Idesam’s Carbon Neutral Program in Brazil to neutralize carbon emissions generated by its operations, such as electric power consumption, air travel, accommodations, and employees’ commutes to and from work. In 2019, Fundación Avina’s emissions in Latin America totaled 431.54 tons of CO2 equivalent. This corresponds to over 1,000 trees that will be planted by Idesam in the Sustainable Development Reserve of Uatumã, in the Amazon region. 

The Response and Vision Fund announces eight global initiatives to transform our global economic system in the COVID-19 crisis.

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The Response and Vision Fund announced in september its inaugural slate of grantees, investing in time-sensitive, opportunistic, and strategic responses to support vulnerable workers and frontline communities bearing the brunt of the economic crisis exacerbated by COVID-19. The fund’s goals are to support workers and communities to be at the center – with voice, power and priority – in the response and recovery investments of public and private institutions alike.

Panama: Financial Statement Audit of Fundación Avina in relation to funds received from the Green Climate

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Panama: Financial Statement Audit of Fundación Avina in relation to funds received from the Green Climate. The objective of the audit of the Financial Statement (FS) is to enable the auditor to express an independent opinion on the financial performance of the activities undertaken by Fundación Avina for funds received [...]

Our Commitment to a Future with Fair Work

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Our Commitment to a Future with Fair Work This statement is intended to be a both a living document and a statement of intention. The undersigned philanthropies generally affirm the commitments herein and encourage other philanthropies to join this statement by providing their endorsement. We are philanthropies committed to a [...]

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