Marajo Archipelago in Brazil: For consultancy on Free Prior Informed Consent of the project “Enhancing resilience of communities, smallholders and ecosystems to climate change impacts through adapting and scaling up land/resources used systems in the Marajo Archipelago in Brazil”. 



The overall purpose of the Consultancy is to conduct a Free Prior and Informed Consent process with Quilombola communities in Soure, Salvaterra and Cachoeira do Arari, as well as to conduct information meetings with other communities that might be part of the project’s target group.  



Interested parties should submit a proposal to undertake the consultancy including:  

  1. A short proposal on how they would plan to undertake the consultancy (3 pages long maximum).  
  1. All CVs of team members should be presented.  
  1. At least two copies of examples of previous consultancies on indigenous communities engagement elaborated in English, and  
  1. At least 2 letters of recommendations that testify the consultant (s)/firm capacity(ies) to undertake the work. 

Before: july 31th, 2022. 


Equal and inclusive career opportunity. We embrace diversity based on gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion. We encourage the application of Afro-descendants, people of indigenous origin and LGBTIQ +. 


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