La Vida Querida: a collective effort
for peace in Colombia.

This collaborative process brings together representatives of 27 programs for peace and development from all over the country, 29 supporting entities (private
companies, foundations, universities, networks), a network of 907,000 residents that lead PDPs in small towns, and 6 inter-regional nodes.

Building a nation at peace from the local level up requires that civil society organizations, the government, private companies, churches, and international aid groups coordinate their local and regional efforts for development and peace.

• Territorial development agendas shared with local organizations in each region.
• Strategic inter-regional relationship-building.
• Development agendas incorporating 5 strategic issues: community-building and reconciliation; holistic human development; land and environment; culture and education; and governance.

Redprodepaz is the organization with the highest levels of participation from Colombian civil society with a shared purpose: building a nation at peace from the ground up.
The network works with young people in Colombia to encourage their participation in building peace through the use of technology, political action, and civic engagement.

• 27 programs for peace and development in Colombia improved their ability to intervene on the ground.
• A methodology was used to organize knowledge assets derived from experiences in the field.
• A new network of rural organizations was formed to address water management in the Patía sub-region.
• More than 50 young Colombian leaders mobilized to express their perspectives on the peace process to the presidential candidates.