Transforming the energy grid
in Chile and Argentina

Energy issues concern universities, energy users, chambers of commerce, petroleum companies, technical entities, utility companies, energy distributors, environmental organizations, regulatory bodies, and national and local governments.

The creation and analysis of energy matrix scenarios offers a space to debate and put forth common visions for the future of energy.

While the stakeholders may be diverse, the interests that unite them – such as climate change mitigation, modernization of the power system, and distributed generation – serve as the basis for agreements among them.

The use of future scenarios, the ongoing integration of science, and the converging of diverse stakeholders’ experiences and interests are examples of innovation.

Governments incorporated energy scenarios into their long-term energy policies. The Energía 2050 (2050 Energy) program was created in Chile; in Argentina, the Visión de la Transición Energética al 2050 (2050 Vision for Energy Transition) program was launched.